Population: 20.000.000 approximately
Government: parliamentary democracy
Currency: Australian dollar 
Capital: Canberra 
Principal cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide y Gold Coast.
Curious information: Australia is the sixth country bigger in the world. Their coasts have an almost length 50.0000 kilometers and more than 10.000 beaches. This cause that Australia is the country with more number of coasts in the earth. Australia has the 90% of ocean fauna in Oceania.
The kangaroo, the koala, and the Tasmania devil are the most representative animals. These animals have a variety of 50 kinds.

Some Activities:

Climb to the arched peak of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for unforgettable panoramic views of the city skyline and harbor. With a professional climber to lead the way, scale catwalks and ladders to reach the 440-foot (134-m) top and soak up bird's-eye views of the Sydney Opera House and beyond.

Discover the history and magic of the world-renowned Sydney Opera House with this guided tour that takes you beneath the world-famous sails. Go behind the scenes and hear the controversial story of the building's construction, as emotional and dramatic as any opera plot.

Explore the UNESCO-listed Sydney Opera House, Australia's most recognizable attraction. On your tour, hear your guide bring the story of this miracle of architecture and engineering back to life. Step inside the inspired theaters where more than 1,600 performances take place each year.

Miles of rugged beaches, wave-carved rock formations, and dense rainforest await on this full-day adventure along Australia's most famous scenic highway. Cruise along the Great Ocean Road to see icons like the 12 Apostles, stroll beneath towering trees to spot koalas and lorikeets and linger over lunch in seaside Apollo Bay.​